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Speech And Language Disorder

  1. Speech-Language Disorder refers to a communication disorder that affects the ability of a person to articulate and express thoughts and ideas effectively.This disability is divided into two categories:
    1. Speech Difficulty – abnormalities in a preson’s speech production. A person with speech difficulty struggles in producing sounds in order to form a words.
    2. Language Difficulty – difficulty understanding and expressing thoughts and ideas.

How do you know if your child has Speech – Language Difficulties?

  • difficulty in understanding
  • struggle in putting words together to make sense
  • slutters or experiencing interruption n speaking fluently such as repetition and prolongation of sounds, words and syllables.
  • the child does not say sound and words clearly distortion is sounds and words
  • unnecessary stops between syllables or words when speaking
  • adding extra sounds to words
  • raspy voice when talking
  • difficulty in reading and writing
Speech Language Disorder