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Book For Assessment

Our specialised Academic Assessment tests brings us 95% success rate!

The standards of the examinations varies from school to school. In fact, within the same school, each semester’s examination standards could be set differently, depending on how the school wishes to motivate their students. As such, it is not surprising to see inconsistency in your child’s results. Therefore as parents, how do you know if your child had improved over the last semester?

We believe that not many people can provide you with the answers except for us. We use a system that is utilized by 76,000 schools in the US and UK. Millions of children have taken the Academic Assessment test which makes it highly accurate when your child’s results are the benchmarked by their statistics.

With periodic Academic Assessment done on our students, we are able to track each child’s progress regularly and institute timely intervention should there be signs of deterioration. This results in most students improving their grades and academic ability by 1 year or more, after just 3 months with us.

These tests focus on Phonics, Vocabulary, Grammar, Comprehension Skills and Maths Concepts which are modeled closely after the MOE syllabus.

With just $150 for this 1 hour assessment, you can experience the effectiveness of this tool yourself.

We strongly believe Academic Assessment will save time, emotional anxiety from inconsistent school results and improve your confidence in your child’s performance.

45 minutes to 1 hour

Assessment Fees:
$150 Primary and Secondary School students

Blk 130, Jurong Gateway Road, #04-201
Singapore 600130

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