Assessment – Cognitive Development Learning Centre


S$15045min to 1 hour
  • Save the time taken to figure out the academic issues,
  • Relieve parents’ emotional anxiety from inconsistent school results, and
  • Improve your confidence in your child’s performance.

Cognitive utilize a renowned computer assessment system to benchmark your child’s academic ability against children of the same age group worldwide. This system, which clocked statistical data over a 30-year period, is currently used by 18 million students in 57 countries. The test focuses on Phonics, Vocabulary, Grammar, Comprehension Skills and Mathematics Concepts which are modeled closely after the MOE syllabus, and the results will show where the child has a shortfall in their English language and Mathematics. Parents and caregivers will then receive a good picture of what the academic issues are so that they can look for ways and means to support their children.

For our Preschool children, a specially formulated academic assessment is developed by our psychologically-trained expertise to capture the available knowledge of the young children. This is similar to our computer assessments, however we factor in the young age of the child and create an easy-to-understand method of testing for these children. This involves a more hands-on approach with a high level of interaction with the child and require them to write and draw.

With the periodic assessments done on our students, we are able to track each child’s progress regularly and institute timely intervention should there be signs of deterioration. This results in most students showing improvement academically & behaviourally, after just 3 to 6 months with us.