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Our Partners

Centre for Effective Living (CEL) is committed to building people and celebrating effective living. Founded in 1988, our team has worked closely with many local and multinational organisations in identifying

A premier learning institution with focus in educating and training in areas of Special Education, Counselling, Psychology, and Health Sciences.

One of the world’s leading institutions focusing on the tropics, we have campuses in Townsville and Cairns in Australia, and in Singapore.

To be the Centre of Leadership and Management Excellence, and the Embodiment of Lifelong Learning

NUS Business School is one of the top business schools in Asia and is part of the National University of Singapore (NUS).

We will improve health and reduce illness through patient-centred quality healthcare that is accessible and seamless, comprehensive, appropriate and cost-effective; in an environment of continuous learning and relevant research.

Lucasfilm is among the world’s leading entertainment service companies, a pioneer in visual effects and sound across multiple mediums, and is home to the legendary star wars and Indiana Jonesfranchiess.