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Understand your child’s learning issues

We use established academic assessment tools and review your child’s work over a period of time to establish underlying issues

Understand your child’s learning issues

We use established academic assessment tools and review your child’s work over a period of time to establish underlying issues

Pre-school Training

We Prepare your child for enrolment to special and main-stream schools. We also provide Academic and Classroom Management Training and Speech Training under our early intervention programs.

Holiday Program

If you’re looking to provide your child with a rewarding educational opportunity during the holiday season, we encourage you to explore the “CDLC Reading and Writing Program.” This thoughtfully crafted curriculum is specifically designed to nurture your child’s language proficiency and kindle a deep passion for literacy.


If you’re looking to provide your child with a rewarding educational opportunity during the holiday season, we encourage you to explore the “CDLC Reading and Writing Program.” This thoughtfully crafted curriculum is specifically designed to nurture your child’s language proficiency and kindle a deep passion for literacy.




Our assessment tools are used by more than 76,000 schools in US, UK, Australia and Singapore. It can help determine your child’s academic level so that timely remedial actions can be taken.


Our records are proven. Our methodologies are established. Most of our students have seen improvements within just 3 months with us.


Your child is in good hands. Our teachers are highly qualified to take care of children with learning difficulties

Programs for your child's needs

Ranging from Academic Intervention, Enhanced Developmental and Learning Intervention Program to Communication Program, Cognitive Development Learning Centre ensures that our experienced team are able to cater to your child’s different learning needs.


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"Ernest has been with the centre for a year. When he just started in the centre, he cannot speaks in sentences and we cannot understand him as the speech was very unclear. It leads to tantrums and meltdowns when his needs were not met. We see significant improvements in Ernest, he can now speak in sentences up to 5 words clearly, he can follow instructions, share his needs and thoughts, and is trying to communicate with us. He is more confident and we see smiles in him which brighten our world! Thanks for the effort the coaches put onto him. And we thanks the centre for being so accommodating and never failed in extending the helping hands! We wish all the best to everyone and hope the centre will grow as time goes."

Ernest Parent

“My husband and I have been searching for a centre that could assist our daughter ever since we realised she has speech delay. Within 3 months in Cognitive, our daughter invited me to join her in her writing assignments. Her attentive span extends from just a few minutes to an hour. From not being able to write to writing all the alphabets and sight words. From only knowing A and B sounds to being able to read short phrases now. We were also impressed by knowledge and expertise of Cognitive’s staff. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to the Cognitive team for making a difference and impacting my daughter’s life”.


Before attending Cognitive classes, Yohan had learning difficulties and showed little progress in speech and academics in his former preschool program. He's not able to follow instructions and his penmanship is very poor. He avoids eye contact and is unable to talk in full sentences. At home, it was stressful to get him to read a book or write on paper. We decided to transfer him to Cognitive and take an early intervention program . In a matter of weeks, we can see improvement in his handwriting and in spelling. The weekly feedback and worksheets in school help us track his progress and we follow advice on how to continue his learning at home. Now, he is able to communicate and follow instructions. He is showing interest in counting and we can finish 2 books in a week. He has improved his academics and we are looking forward to enrolling him to P1 next year. We greatly appreciate the patience and the effort of his teachers and they all are a blessing to us.


I will like to say a big Thank You to Cognitive Development Learning Centre. Teacher Qui Ting understands the difficulty my daughter faces and has tailored her teaching accordingly. My daughter also enjoys the speech classes with Joy. I am also thankful to Mr Chia for his advice and his concern for my daughter. My daughter has embarked on a new phase of her learning journey now and she is thankful for the support from the Centre. Thank you.

Mrs See

"Dear Cognitive Development Learning Centre, On behalf of my boy, Matthew, I would like to say THANK YOU for your guidance in the past 21 months. It was tough finding a centre that can accommodate his learning needs and offer customized help. I was glad to be able to find Cognitive offering such help. Not only do you offer customized remediation program, you are mindful of the MOE syllabus. You offer unique program for students with a learning difference and prepare them based on the expectation of the school syllabus. The structured program that you are offering, with components of intervention time and time for individual work, allows my child to put what he learnt in practice. He had made good progress since the start of the program… I am also impressed with the regular updates that I receive regarding my child’s learning at the centre. The coaches work as a team and gave brief update on his strengths and weaknesses after each lesson… Hope that all in Cognitive will continue to put in their heart and work into supporting all learners to advance in their education! All the best!"

Mother of Matthew

"My son, aged 12 years, has a learning difficulty linked to some cognitive weaknesses and cannot cope with the academic curriculum in school. I am glad that I found out about Cognitive Development Learning Centre in January 2019. Unlike other learning centres that are more commercialised, I find that Mr Chia and his team are genuinely passionate and sincere about helping children with learning differences. Mr Chia suggested a program for my son and also allocated experienced tutors who are familiar with the MOE syllabus to help my son who is currently in Primary 6. My son enjoyed all his lessons with his tutors and has shown improvement in the way he approaches and resolves word problems for his Maths. We also enjoy meeting Ms Sabrina every time we are there as she is very friendly and kind. Whenever we have any query, she is also very quick to assist us."


I would like to thank you, Ms Haviender and Cognitive Development Learning Centre for helping my daughter, Sarah, do well for her Mathematics in her ‘O’ levels last year. Sarah failed Mathematics in her secondary school examinations, getting mainly F9 and E8. We had a tutor for her but it did not help as the tutor could not get the concepts across to her. We could not blame the tutor as Sarah is dyslexic. We were very worried as Sarah needed a pass in Mathematics in order for her to pursue her choice course in polytechnic. I was fortunate that I met you and you managed to convince me to change Sarah’s Mathematics tutor. I am convinced that Cognitive Development’s  method of teaching Mathematics helped Sarah understand and retain concepts. This helped her to problem solve, resulting in improving examination performance. The dedication of your staff, Ms Haviender, in helping Sarah to comprehend Mathematics and to prepare for her ‘O’ level is very commendable. I am very happy to share with you that Sarah did very well in Mathematics for her ‘O’ levels and she is now in polytechnic pursuing her dream course.” 

Mr Hyder

“Matthew learnt a lot of strategies and skills due to Natasha's patient and motivating coaching. I could not ask for a better English  tutor - she's always custom made his worksheets so that they reinforced what he had just been taught. I really do wish he had more time to continue with Cognitive” 

Mdm Suwandi

Sincerely thank you to you and your team in Cognitive Development.  You accepted Shayaan and gave him one to one guidance at a reasonable costs and duration.  Coach Isabelle worked closely with me and also assisted in his toilet training. She planned a learning programme just for Shayaan making him able to communicate and adapt to school and schedule.  Shayaan improved a lot over the year when he was with Cognitive Development. He sure misses all of you.  Thank you to coach Angeline, coach Yi Ching and all the interns too for helping Shayaan develop the right way. ” 

Mdm Shara

First and foremost I would like to thank you and your coaches for setting up a centre to assist students with their learning difficulties. It's a move to not only assist the kids but giving the parents an avenue to seek assistance for their child to succeed.  Shawaiz has improved tremendously over the last four years with Cognitive development in terms of academic skills, behavioural issues and exam etiquette. Socially he is able to function in a classroom, school and among his peers. He always looks forward to having his lessons and makes big plans for having celebrations there with his friends and coaches.  My family and I would like to thank Coach Doris, Coach Huda, Coach Sabrina, Coach Natasha, Coach Harvey, Coach Isabelle and you for the progress and transformation of Shawaiz.  Keep going strong with all the ideas!! ” 

Mdm Shara