PRIMARY SCHOOLERS – Cognitive Development Learning Centre


A child facing academic performance issues often has to cope with pressure and stress from his environment. Biologically, the child will react and show negative behavior and attitude. This would fuel further deterioration in academic performance to a point that finally both parents and child give up on education.

In Cognitive, we believe that poor academic performance is not solely the result of learning difficulties. Primary Schoolers will be supported by a professionally designed environment, customized learning plan, teaching specialist with Psychology or teaching background. He will be shown that learning is not that difficult, after all. Foundation skills and key concepts that typically are expected in school are reinforced to help the child learn.

Your child will be taught unique strategies that allow him to understand the purpose behind every skill/technique, and be empowered to develop new skills to solve the question or problem; eliminating the need for hard memory work, and understanding and constructing new knowledge. We will also use behavioural modification strategies to improve their attitude towards learning.

These include direct instruction, guided discovery, investigative approach, open approach, problem-based learning and so on. The selection of strategies depends greatly on the content to be taught and the abilities, needs and interests of students