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Preverbal and Joint Attention Skills

Preverbal skills refer to the various ways in which we communicate without words. These skills are essential as they support language learning in children. These skills include eye contact, joint attention and concentration. Once the child has mastered the basic skills of eye contact, paying attention and concentration, other forms of preverbal ski

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

What is Childhood Apraxia of Speech? Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) is a motor speech disorder whereby a child’s brain has difficulty coordinating the complex oral movements needed to create sounds into syllables, syllables into words, and words into phrases. Muscle weakness is not the culprit behind this disord

Stimming: What it is and who it affects

Stimming is a short self-stimulatory behaviour, often used to calm yourself down or distract yourself through distractive actions. Although it is often observed in children with autism, you and I probably do it all the time as

Understanding Lisp

What is a lisp?   A lisp is known to be a mispronounced sound which is caused by the misplacement of the tongue during speech. There are two types of lisp:  

  1. Frontal lisp — This happens when the tongue is placed too far forward therefore making a /th/ sound for /s/ and /z/ sound (e.g.: saying th


What is tele-practice? Due to the current situation (COVID-19), tele-practice has gradually gained popularity and taken over the traditional therapy method (face-to-face therapy). Tele-practice is the application of using telecommunicating technology to deliver speech therapy services at a distance. This method links the speech therapist to the c

Ways to Boost Your Child’s Academic Achievements

The foundation of education starts not at school, but rather at home. Family, especially parents, are the role models from which children would derive their core values, inspiration and motivation. As such, parents play a vital role in shaping the outlook of a child’s academic journey. Practices at home can have a vital influence on the child’s

Looking at the Normal (Technical) Stream from a Different Perspective

The streaming system of Singapore’s secondary education has brought about a lot of concerns from parents. This streaming system, in a way, has created a stereotype regarding the students who are in each respective stream. More often than not, the Normal (Technical) stream tends to have a reputation of having rebellious students and a place where

The Benefits of Nursery Rhymes for Children

Who doesn’t love nursery rhymes? Nursery rhymes are part of everyone’s childhood. These are the songs our parents usually play or sing to us to entertain us. Before we learned about bands and pop songs, nursery rhymes were our jam. Nursery rhymes are traditional poems and songs for children. They usually tell short stories of animals and people

What is it like to have ADHD?

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is caused by an unusual development of the brain. This unusual development affects the person's attention span and self-control. Symptoms vary and affects each ind

What it is like to be dyslexic?

  When you google the word ‘dyslexia’, you will come across many articles about its definition, symptoms, causes, treatments and other various teaching strategies that are centered around helping people with dyslexia to cope with this difficulty. From the vast amount of online resources available, we may be able to form some idea as to ho