CDLC Reading and Writing Program: Nurturing Literacy Excellence – Cognitive Development Learning Centre

Welcome to Our CDLC Reading and Writing Program! If you are seeking an enriching educational experience for your child during the holiday season, we invite you to consider the “CDLC Reading and Writing Program.” This meticulously designed curriculum is tailored to cultivate your child’s language skills and ignite a fervours for literacy.

Why Choose Our CDLC Reading and Writing Program?

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our program encompasses a diverse range of literacy skills, ensuring the well-rounded development of your child’s reading and writing capabilities.

  • Engaging Activities: Learning is most effective when it is enjoyable. Our program seamlessly integrates interactive lessons with captivating storybook reading, imaginative writing exercises, and stimulating activities that transform learning into a delightful adventure.

  • Seasoned Instructors: Our dedicated instructors are deeply committed to nurturing young minds. They
    provide personalized guidance and unwavering support to ensure your child’s success.

What Awaits Your Child:

  • Interactive Reading and Writing Activities
  • Expanding Vocabulary and Comprehension
  • Creative Writing Exercises
  • Developing Spelling and Grammar Skills
  • Literary Analysis and Expression
  • Building Confidence in Reading Aloud

Why Choose Our Program for Your Child?

  • Enhance Reading Comprehension
  • Cultivate Proficient Writing Skills
  • Foster a Lifelong Love for Literature
  • Elevate Confidence and Self-Expression
  • Encourage Innovations in Creative Thinking

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Program Details

Age: 5 to 10 years old
Duration: 12 weeks
Day: Saturday
Time: 12:30pm to 02:30pm 
Location: Blk 130, Jurong Gateway Road, #04-201, Singapore 600130
Contact: 6100 2665