Primary School Preparation for Autism

When young children, between birth to six years old, are diagnosed with Autism, one of the parents’ concerns is what to do next. Many ideas and advises are usually provided by family, friends and medical professionals with most ending up looking for Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. When nearing 3 years old, parents would then be concern about their child’s ability to cope in Nursery and Kindergarten. Unfortunately in Singapore, there are limited kindergarten that offers curriculum for children with Autism, preparing them for the demands of school’s learning environment. Even if a kindergarten for Autism is found, most will have high student to teacher ratio, which makes it difficult for the child to fully benefit from the program. Therefore, in looking for a kindergarten, the search should predominantly include looking for kindergarten for Autism which are able to coach social behaviour that conforms to school environment, academic intervention and learning norms. Low student to teacher ratio would drastically increases the child’s learning. Cognitive’s Primary School Preparation program is designed to help children acquire the skills and aim to fulfill the key roles of a kindergarten for Autism, and prepare the child for the mainstream school. The program includes:

  • N1 to K2 numeracy & Literacy curriculum up to Primary 1 syllabus;
  • communication (talking, listening, understanding);
  • social/emotional (playing, feeling secure and happy)
  • Self-help skills
  • continued support for Primary School curriculum.

This program would assimilate primary school classroom system to prepare students for their eventual acceptance by mainstream/Pathlight school.