Children facing difficulties in learning would encounter issues involving behavior, attitude, memory and information processing.

In Cognitive Development Learning Centre, our program will make your child’s learning experience enjoyable and eventually changing his attitude towards learning. The process begin with going through our established assessment system to determine his academic capabilities, review specialist report and discuss with Parents on their specific requirements involving difficulties that the child face in learning.

We would further establish root causes of the child’s difficulties and design an Individualized Education Plan. By customizing the learning plan, your child is effectively learning based on tailor-made learning approach, thus helping to develop students in their crucial learning skills.

Early Intervention for Pre-schoolers

When young children, between birth to six years old, are diagnosed with having developmental and learning issues, one of the parents’ concerns is how the child is able to cope with the demands of school’s

Primary Schoolers

A child facing academic performance issues often has to cope with pressure and stress from his environment. Biologically, the child will react and show negative behavior and attitude. This would fuel


Secondary students with difficulties in learning faces challenges in concept learning, understanding, application, and finally, inability to deliver results in exams. Poor or underdevelopment of foundation

Homework Support

Trying to get your child to complete his or her homework can often leave parents frustrated, and may even be worse if the child has difficulties in learning. Completing just a page of Mathematics homework can take more than an hour, leaving parents feeling helpless, tired and angry, often causing strained relationships in the process.

Holiday Programs

Cognitive’s Holiday Program provides an intensive approach in helping students minimise their knowledge gaps and build stronger fundamental skills through fun activities and practice.