Homework Support – Cognitive Development Learning Centre

Homework Support

Trying to get your child to complete his or her homework can often leave parents frustrated, and may even be worse if the child has difficulties in learning. Completing just a page of Mathematics homework can take more than an hour, leaving parents feeling helpless, tired and angry, often causing strained relationships in the process.

Cognitive’s homework support program is designed to provide a structured environment for Primary Level students, with difficulties in learning, to develop discipline in completing their homework.

Our teaching specialists provide schoolwork assistance and include extra practice materials to enhance the child’s understanding. Your child will develop better discipline in the areas of time management, responsibilities to complete their task and empowered to organize his work. The child’s attitude, behavior, academic performance and bonding with their parents will naturally improve over time.

*Please note that this service is only offered to students who attend two or more sessions per week, and is subjected to availability.