Careers Archive – Cognitive Development Learning Centre


  • Occupational Therapist


    • Evaluate a client’s condition and needs
    • Develop a treatment plan for clients, laying out the types of activities and specific goals to be accomplished
    • Help people with various disabilities with different tasks, such as leading an autistic child in play activities
    • Evaluate a client’s home or workplace and, based on the client’s health needs, identify potential improvements
    • Educate a client’s family about how to accommodate and care for the client
    • Recommend special equipment, such as eating aids, and instruct clients on how to use that equipment
    • Assess and record clients’ activities and progress for client evaluations, for billing, and for reporting to physicians and other healthcare providers


    Work with children in educational settings. Modify classroom equipment to accommodate children with certain disabilities, and help children participate in school activities.

    Provide early intervention therapy to young children who have, or are at risk of having, developmental delays.


    Qualification / Experience

    1. Relevant degree/diploma in Occupational Therapy or related qualification
    2. Registrable qualification in Speech Therapy with the Allied Health Professional Council (AHPC) is required
    3. At least 1 year of relevant working experience
    4. Experience working with children especially with Autism will be an advantage

    We are looking for Speech Language Pathologist who are keen to work on a full/part/contract basis. This is a home-based or Centre Based job.


    Duties & Responsibilities

    • Diagnosing clients:
    • Communicate with clients to evaluate their levels of speech or language difficulty
    • Determine the extent of communication problems by having a client complete basic reading and vocalizing tasks or by giving standardized tests
    • Identify treatment options
    • Create and carry out an individualized treatment plan
    • Treating clients:
    • Teach clients how to make sounds and improve their voices
    • Work with clients to improve their ability to read and write correctly
    • Work with clients to develop and strengthen the muscles used to swallow
    • Speech-language pathologists must also complete administrative tasks which includes:
    • Record their initial client evaluations and diagnoses, treatment progress, any changes in a client’s condition or treatment plan,
    • Final evaluation when the client finishes the therapy.
    • Coaching parents to support clients at home.


    Qualification / Experience

    • Master degree in Speech pathologist or related qualification
    • Registrable qualification in Speech Therapy with the Allied Health Professional Council (AHPC) is required
    • At least 1 year of relevant working experience
    • Experience working with children especially with Autism will be an advantage


    Job Types

    Full-time, Part-time, Internship, Contract, Commission



    1. Analyze and diagnose behavioral issues
    2. Assist parents in developing necessary skills to cope/managed child behavioral problems
    3. Maintain documentation of child’s progress
    4. Communicate with families
    5. Implement therapy program to correct behavior

    Skills requirements

    • Candidates must have experience managing children with learning difficulties, particularly ADHD or Autism.
    • ABA or behavioural therapy qualification
    • Degree, preferably in Psychology


    Job Types

    Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Contract


    We are looking for behavioural therapist who are keen to work on a full/part/contract basis. This is a home-based or Centre Based job


    Job Description

    The Interns will report to the Centre Manager and will first of all goes through a comprehensive training to ensure that he/she is able to manage the behavior and the academic challenges of the students. The roles and responsibilities of the Interns are as follows: –

    1. Run the Cognitive Way program and ensure that they are carried out in accordance to our philosophy and guidelines.
    2. Carry out periodic assessment of our students to ensure that their progress is in line with the agreed objectives.
    3. Ensure that tasks are carried out professionally and in accordance to stated guidelines.
    4. Provide feedback to Centre Manager on issues arising during lessons, and to work with Centre Manager to improve on the work process.
    5. Ensure documentation and filing of all documents relating to the students under your charge.
    6. Assist in the research and development of teaching methods, from time to time.



    1. Loves to work with children and enjoys teaching.
    2. Are creative and able to experiment and adapt different teaching methods.
    3. Have possitive and perserverance attitude to succeed.
    4. No coaching or teaching experience required as comprehensive training will be provided.

    Internship Period

    2 to 4 months



    • Motivated and professional teacher who will ensure consistent and quality delivery of lessons with the aim of achieving academic success and overall student development.
    • Develop, adapt and incorporate new teaching and learning methodologies to enhance learning experience and child’s development.
    • Deliver lesson plans to selected group of students and stand in for fellow team members as necessary.
    • Engage with parents to get feedback and to provide guidance so as to ensure a holistic learning approach to improve the student’s progress.
    • Participate in designing strategic directions for the growth of the Centres and company’s product and services.


    1. At least a basic Degree in Psychology, Counseling or Degree that is related to child management.
    2. Experienced counsellor of a local school would be an advantage.
    3. MOE teachers with Special Needs background may be considered.
    4. Those without experience will be considered as comprehensive training will be provided.
    5. Must have good interpersonal skills and a team player