Cognitive’s Holiday Program provides an intensive approach in helping students minimise their knowledge gaps and build stronger fundamental skills through fun activities and practice.

Our teaching specialists aim to develop exponential progress during this period, enhancing their productivity and application skills. It is also important for the children to keep their learning minds active during the school holidays, so that the working memory remains effective and efficient when school re-opens, and lesser time is taken to adjust to absorbing new materials.

* This program is usually available during the June and the November/December school holidays only.

November Catch Up Program

Program Objectives

  • Skills introduction / enhancement for students with learning difficulties, including content knowledge and academic skills acquisition and application.
  • To assist students who is facing difficulties in academic performance. Our teaching specialist will revise topics for Mathematics & Science that were covered by schools for the past 6 months. This include revising / introducing strategies that could help your child in answering questions for the 2 subjects.
  • For English, strategies would be revised / introduced to assist your child in writing compositions & answering comprehension questions. Vocabulary & grammar would also be covered.

Program Details

The program will run from 22nd Nov 16 to 16th Dec 16. Lessons will be from Tuesday to Friday with details as follows:

Time Level Subjects covered per week
9am – 11.30am Pre-schooler, Pri 1 to Pri 3 English, Mathematics & Science (P2)
3pm – 5.30pm Pri 4 to Pri 6 English, Mathematics & Science

Program Fees

Fees for the entire Catch Up Program ranges from $750 to $1,180 for all levels and depending on the number of times per week. This hourly fee range from $29.50 to $37.50 is highly discounted as we wanted to ensure that your child can take the opportunity to enhance their learning skills and catch up with their school work.

To Enrol

If you are keen to sign up your child for the program, kindly contact Sabrina at 6564 6533 to register by 15th Nov  2016 (Wednesday).

Or click here to submit for enrolment