“I am truly impressed with your program; it is designed to not only tackle the academic aspect, but also other skills critical for children with learning difficulties. While structure is crucial for children with autism, your program’s structure also helped the other children hone their self-discipline skills. … You have a team of exceptional coaches. Being psychology graduates, it is no wonder they are in a much stronger position to manage the behavioural challenges of the children compared to other centres. On top of this, they deliver quality lessons customized to the individual child and even track their performance, both academic and behaviourial, for every single lesson that the child attends. It is amazing every coach seems to know every child’s strength and weakness, and is therefore able to intervene whenever circumstances call for it.” 

Ms Lum Kwai Yeow,
Teacher, Metta School

"We are very impressed with the school’s service. The organization is very professional, environment is warm, caring and conducive, learning tools are state of the art and coaches are very committed to help Gabriel learn effectively while coping with his difficulties. In a very short period of 4 months, my son’s English and Maths have improved dramatically and his social skills have improved dramatically."

Mrs Ferrand,

“Mr. Chia Lee Hwe introduced how his Centre operated as well as provided training to allow 2 other students and I to further understand the different learning disabilities and the different teaching methods used in the centre, which will be able to help the children improve. Mr. Chia was quick to answer any queries we had and also shared his experiences and knowledge generously”.

Lim Yun Bin,
University of Birmingham

“Despite your hectic schedules, you took time to personally share with us information about the organisation, from the company background to the services and programs, not forgetting to meticulously explain the rationales behind them. It indeed ensured my friends and I had sufficient knowledge about the organisation as well as the learning difficulties ….”

Tan Sin Yi Jolly,
University of Birmingham

“I'm pleased to inform you that Jarett's teacher has exempted him from weekly learning support class. He had fared well in the preliminary English assessment. In fact, better among his peers. The learning support teacher feels that Jarett's early intervention program at Cognitive Development Learning Centre has helped him tremendously. Jarett's form teacher is committed to support his learning needs and provide regular feedback to the centre. We're grateful for your warm support and patience in Jarett's cognitive development. Thank you.”