About Us


Founded in 2009 as an MOE-registered school, Cognitive Development Learning Centre offers specialised academic support for preschool, primary and secondary school children, based on the MOE syllabus. Our customised education programme and the experience of our learning specialists have allowed the Centre to establish itself as one of the market leaders in special needs education.

Cognitive Development Learning Centre’s education programme is designed around principles of cognitive and evidence-based psychology and breakthroughs in teaching methodology. These are used to address the unique challenges that children with learning difficulties face and help these children to achieve academic objectives.

The Centre customises a programme for every child to enhance his or her knowledge intake. Using our specially-formulated strategies to tackle problems, we instil a healthy self-belief in our students, with eagerness to learn what the future brings.


Our Mission

“A world where learning is never difficult and every individual’s capability is maximized”.


Our Vision

To be the leading education solutions provider in the region, enhancing individual’s different learning needs.